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About SusaGroup

SusaGroup combines scientific competences with market insights in the development and application of innovative, valid, and relevant tools to measure emotions. SusaGroup's experts train and educate several large corporations and FMCG’s in improving their products and services based on insights in the emotions of their customers. We are based in The Netherlands, but operate globally.

We understand emotions

We know what makes people click, and how products make them feel good or bad. We also understand how (product) emotions lead to different (purchase) behaviour.  

We measure emotions

A design can evoke multiple emotions. Want to make sure they are not negative? Use our tools to measure both negative and positive emotions at the same time, not only the dominant ones. Knowing which emotions are experienced is input for your strategy in targeting other emotions.

We help you design for emotions

Bridging the gap between your targeted ’emotional fingerprint’ and the real impact you will make, requires a structured and creative approach in making design decisions. We help you with that.   

We give workshops

In order to learn how products evoke emotions and how you can get a head start in understanding, measuring and designing for those emotions, we offer intensive, highly engaging workshops to let you learn by doing.  

Emotion is part of human nature. The world around us, and everything in it, has a constant influence on our emotions. Being human is being emotional, and ignoring the emotional side of product experience would be like denying that these products are designed, bought, and used by humans.

Prof. Dr. Pieter Desmet - Head of Delft Institute of Positive Design, Research advisor SusaGroup

Design for Emotion

Emotions guide, enrich and ennoble life; they provide meaning to everyday existence. The experiential or emotional quality of products is becoming more and more important for differential advantage in the marketplace.

Aiming for emotional impact is crucial because of its influence on both purchase and usage behaviour: if it does not ‘feel’ good, people will not buy it nor use it. You might think that these emotions are hard to manage, because of their subjective nature. However, there are universal principles in the way that (product/ service/ interaction) design evokes emotions. Once you understand these principles, you can strategically design for a specific emotional impact.

We have the tools and the expertise to help you understand, measure and design for emotional impact. 

Our tools

 Through extensive research and working together with top academics, we develop and offer unique (non-verbal) tools to measure emotions. Instead of relying on the use of words, respondents can report their emotions with the use of expressive cartoon characters. Research in relation to our techniques and tools has been published in numerous international journals, conferences and magazines.


Measure product emotions

Whether you would like to gain feedback on the emotional impact of a visual concept, a working prototype or an existing product, PrEmo can be used to evaluate all sorts of products, services and concepts, within lab settings, real context or on distance online. Possibilities are endless, valuable insights are certain.

  Learn more about PrEmo


Measure web and interface emotionsLEMtool_screen_CS3

Measure web and interface emotions. LEMtool offers the best solution when you would like to measure the emotional experience of an interface, an advertisement, static image, or website. The overall (emotional) experience goes beyond usability. LEMtool offers a unique way to gather data with its intuitive drag and drop interface.

  Learn more about LEMtool

Online tools platform

Create your own experiments with our online tools platform. Through this platform, you are able to setup experiments with PrEmo and LEMtool. The platform includes settings that are vital for any researcher, such as adding stimuli, working on the flow of the survey, setting up different experimental conditions and analysing and managing the data during and after.

You will notice that the simplicity will appeal to any practitioner in the field and the extensive options and clever settings to more experienced academics and researchers.

Training and workshops

Our training and workshops engage you in a hands-on ‘design for emotion’ experiences. By introducing our systematic approach and five ways to design for emotion and create concepts (products, services, interactions, etc.) that deliberately elicit predefined emotional responses, we aim to facilitate a shift from an implicit to an explicit, structured and manageable perspective on consumer emotions in conceptual design processes.

SusaGroup experts are also available to facilitate master classes, guest lectures and course modules (such as the module ‘Emotional Design’ at IE University’s Master in Visual and Digital Media).

Are you looking for a keynote speaker on this topic? Our co-founder Marco van Hout has addressed numerous audiences around the globe. More info.

Learn how to ‘design for emotion’ by doing it!

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A selection of companies that we are happy to work with:

ASR Netherlands, BIC, Cognision, Decathlon, Energizer, Ergonomidesign, Federal University of Santa Catharina Brazil, Foviance, Gent University, Insights Now, KLM, Lenovo, Liberty Mutual, Mars, Microsoft, OTO Insights, Philips, Proctor & Gamble, Symrise, Syntens, Tehran University, Toyota, Unilever, University of PUC Minas, University of Pretoria, University of South Africa, University of Twente, Wageningen University, Wilkinson

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