SusaGroup recognizes the importance of the availability of our tools and methodologies in science and education. Therefore under certain conditions we provide academic licenses. You can have a look at the showcases for example on the PrEmo website.

The main criteria:

  • There is no direct commercial interest
  • The results of the study/experiment are public
  • You will not use the characters for any other purpose
  • In your publications you will refer to SusaGroup as the owner and provider of the tool, especially when using copyright protected materials (like all of our characters)
  • You have a clear plan and planning for using the tool (submit them together with the form)
  • There is no support available for free academic licenses
  • You will not collect any personal data from respondents, only general data can be collected in such way that the respondents remain anonymous and not-identifiable


YES, I agree with these conditions and continue to form >>