• Socially Responsive Design – interview for Connecting the Dots magazine

    For the London Design Week special issue of Connecting the Dots (September 2012), SusaGroup's creative director Marco van Hout was interviewed on the topic of Socially Responsive Design: INTRO: What happens when designers shift their focus from satisfying consumer desires, to facilitating new social possibilities? In recent design history, different labels have popped up to describe design research practices that engage with social issues. These include participatory design, service design, transformative design, metadesign and social design. This article explores the notion of socially responsive design, a term coined by design researchers Adam Thorpe and Lorraine Gamman based in the Design Against Crime Research Centre, London, UK. It describes design that makes a social impact, is driven by social issues and delivers social change. Design researchers Hannah Jones and Anette Lundebye attempt to ‘connect the dots’ between a range of socially responsive ...

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  • New book ‘Design for Emotion’ available – with contribution by SusaGroup

    Since last week, the new book 'Design for Emotion' by Trevor van Gorp & Edie Adams has launched at Amazon.We would like to congratulate the authors with their achievement! It has become a great book with an interesting overview of all theories, concepts and the psychology behind 'design for emotion'. We recommend this book for all of those who haven't particularly studied the topic yet and want to get an indepth insight in the concepts. In the book, our creative director Marco van Hout is featured in an interview about SusaGroup's LEMtool. Please, pick up this book or buy it virtually at Amazon and 'design for emotion'!  

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  • Usage of the term emotion

    Emotion is a broad term and difficult to grasp. As a result the word emotion is often used, even though something else is meant. Officially, based on research literature, "affect" of "affective states" is the correct term to refer to the wide range of feelings we can have, such as passions, moods, sentiments, temperament and emotions. We believe in three important characteristics to distinguish emotions from other states (adapted from Desmet, 2002). Emotions are: Short Personal Involve a relationship An emotion lasts only seconds or minutes at most (Ekman, 1994), depends on our concerns, norms values, who we are, and there always is a relation between the person experiencing the emotion and an object (or person). Other affective states In contrast to emotions, moods are not geared towards something and last longer in time. Someone can be sad for a couple of days, but not sad at someone of something). Even longer lasting in time we have ...

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  • Wanted: a common understanding of User Experience

    I just came back from UXSpain, the first edition of what hopefully will soon be a household conference for the Spanish UX community. At the conference there were professionals from many different backgrounds, all brought together by the commonly shared term User Experience (UX) which problably all attendents use in their profile. However, in the various presentations and especially in the round table discussions in which the audience participated very passionately, you could also notice strong differences in opinion and approach (swinging from design-focus, reseach-focus to organisation-focus). I think this was not only due to professional differences of opinion, but I also felt there was a lack of common understanding of the term User Experience. I would like to point you to a wonderful piece called the "User Experience White Paper - bringing clarity to the concept of user experience". This was written and put together by a group ...

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  • Factor Clave Conference – a truly emotional experience

    Yesterday, I arrived back after a short week in Querétaro, Mexico. A beautiful place for an interesting conference on design: Factor Clave 2011. The conference theme was 'the designer's role in a world in crisis/change - How can designers better understand their context'. The programme was really interesting with besides my own contribution, inspiring presentations from Xenia Viladas, Roberto Holguin (Insitum), Javier Barquin (Applica), Yen Ching Chiuan (NUS, Singapore), Vanessa Sattele (Philiips Design), Daniel Andrade, Esteban Salgado (Grafitat), Fernando Martin and a most inspiring contribution by Candy Chang (CivicCenter). The organisation was in the hands of a truly marvelous team of students of the Tech de Monterrey university. I have never felt more pampered then in this conference. I don't think I have spent a full hour in my hotel room, due to their continuous care to feed ...

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